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A collection of some of my portraiture from over the years. Taken on various kit, with different lighting setups. 

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Black and white hoodie portrait

Shot in natural light this portrait was taken when I was trialling a new 50mm Carl Zeiss lens. It's a very moody shot and was shot black and white in camera. 

Studio trials

A shot taken in preparation for a board member portraiture shot. Michael (the subject) has been front and back lit under studio heads. The rear light creates a nice back lit halo-like effect, with the front creating an even light on the face. It was a technique I learnt from the now award winning Derby-based photographer Simon Mackney. Simple but effective. 

Branded business portrait

I shot this portrait for inclusion in some collateral for student accommodation venture Uliving. The idea of the shot was to show a younger staff demographic and sell the idea of the brand being delivered in informal spaces. The busy background is deliberate, and the shot taken with a telephoto lens to isolate effectively. 

Black and white shallow portrait

This shot was another taken when trialling out a new 50mm lens. It's taken at around f/2.8 but with flash bounced off the metal fencing to the right of the picture, creating a really nice diffused look. 

Finance chaps

A double business portrait of the finance team at a subsidiary organisation taken a few years back. I remember the shot was technically quite difficult because of high ceilings and lots of glass in the stairwell. 

Board member shoot

A shot taken a few years ago of board member Nick Ebbs, utilising a front/back lit setup. This was my favourite image from the shoot. 

Drivetime portrait

I refer to this shot as the Drivetime portrait, because of its resemblance to numerous DJ publicity shots. It was the first time I had shot using a white backlit drape, but I managed to balance front and back heads to evenly expose the subjects and blow out the background. 

Business portrait outside

I shot this portrait up in Harrogate when a new management team was announced at Derwent Living's subsidiary Derwent FM. It's shot with diffused flash to lift out shadows on the face and a gold bounce in front of the subject to give a healthy glow. 

Fashion portrait

This was another experimentation shot taken on a new 50mm lens. I wanted to try and emulate fashion photography where direct flash is used to give a really stark look and feel to shots. After a bit of trial and error I got there!


A very shallow portrait of Evie - a lovely little bulldog. Im fairly sure I had a biscuit in my right hand to get her to look off camera as she didn't sit still for that long. 

Cat in the garden

A very dramatic shot of a Maine Coon cat taken a few years ago with a 70-200. The thing I love about cats is their ability to inject absolute distain into their facial expressions!