Business plan launch

There's no such thing as a free launch. 

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The launch of a new business plan was a key event for Derwent Living in 2017, and  the first opportunity to engage with the whole organisation's workforce for quite a while. The marketing team led on the of the delivery of event which required workshops to be developed and significant creative work to be produced (see business plan journal design below).

Satisfaction with the event was over 90%, with colleagues citing the innovative style of learning and informal networking opportunities as particular highlights.

Business plan journal design 

I had the idea of a notebook that doubled as an appraisal tool and reference tool in an ideas session during the planning of the business plan launch. A big issue at the time was that colleagues saw the business plan as existing in the upper echelons of the organisation only and couldn't form a tangible link to their day-to-day work.

The notebook would serve as that connection, combing an everyday notebook with an easily digestible version of the business plan which incorporating tools to allow colleagues to understand objectives and some of the more complex financials.

Because of time constraints I had initially asked an agency to develop some concepts, but they didn't hit the mark. With a few weeks until the event, I decided to take the bull by the horns and develop the artwork myself. The resulting piece of collateral was delivered on time and has since proved a big hit with colleagues - replacing their existing notepads and appraisal folios.