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Various shots of buildings and locations. Some done for work, some for fun. 

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Hut in mist, Corvara, South Tyrol, Italy

Photo taken during a mountain walk above Corvara. It was raining heavily at the time, which combined with the altitude created a rolling mist which came down the mountain and into the tree line below. 

Glasgow lights at night, Glasgow, Scotland

Shot as part of a promotional campaign for newly build student accommodation in Glasgow. It's taken with a tripod on a long exposure. The lights passing through the frame are a bus, which made an incredible light trail. Minimal post production other than rebalancing some of the colours. 

Derby Arena, Pride Park, Derby

A night shot captured just before the arena actually opened for business. The shots were part of a series of photos done for a PR campaign back in 2015 and the arena used them on literature and in their gym on TVs and touch screens. 

Derby Arena #2, Pride Park, Derby

Another shot taken of the arena as part of a PR campaign. With the centre not being fully open, it gave opportunity for pictures without people walking through the frame. 

Tenement building, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Shot while on holiday in the city. The light hitting the building was stunning, and originally I was going to use the colour version. Turning it black and white and boosting the contrast gave a totally different and more dramatic feel - so I chose that instead. 

Accommodation interior, Glasgow, Scotland

A portrait shot of a communal table at a newly developed student accommodation scheme in Glasgow. This one is shot with available light. The composition is deliberate, allowing space for copy to be placed over the floor in the foreground.